A Kuchar Bros. Program

11/17/1966 - 11/23/1966

Location: Cinematheque 16
8816 1/2 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA


My brother Mike and I have been making 8 mm films since the age of 13, when we filmed the spectacular saga of The Wet Destruction of the Atlantic Empire. It featured a cast of 3, with elaborate costuming borrowed from the living room windows, plus the added realism of having been filmed on location in Bronx Park. 'For all of its five minutes of running time, it was a rousing success and spurred us on to create more celluloids. This led to the filming of A Tub Named Desire, a story of naked vengeance in white porcelain- G.K.
[Source: Cinematheque 16 Program Notes, 1966]