A Lip Stretching Cure For Those Who've Been Taking Life Too Seriously


Location: Cinema Theatre
1122 North Western Ave.

Notes: Fix date

Day: Saturday


COMIC KARMIC PLOT by Loren Sears 'MacAruther LBJ do tricks on the screen as you are cleansed of any remaining credulence for national leaders. Yoga to dispel bad karma manifesting itself as politicians and armies; may the slow driving force of unrelenting laughter weaken your State and strengthen your soul' L.S. A STYRAFOAM HEAD by David Bennet 'How big business rapes the American Woman for fun and its profit. Ernest Callenbach, editor of Film Quarterly, called this the second most insolent film show at the Bellvue Festival' D.B. UNANSWERED QUESTION by David Hoffman, An embarrassing interview film about Brother Hood. VERY NICE, VERY NICE by Arthur Lipsett, a very nice film on how very nice it is when everything is very nice. MY HOUSE by Peter Simmons, A solution to the non-conformity problem.BEAU HUNKS, Laurel & Hardy, One of their greatest film comedies! Ollie flips out over a lost love and decides to join the Foreign Legion, dragging Stan alng. See a movie that was made before your mother was born! POON TANG TRILOGY by Ben Van Meter, The shimmering shock of experimentation... The jolting thrust of public violence... The tragic absurdity of silly censorship. PERILS OF PAULINE Chapter 1. [Source: Underground Cinema 12 Program Notes, 1972]