An Evening of Contemporary Black Films


Location: Scottish Rites Auditorium
4357 Wilshire Boulevard


This evening of selected black films will show the wide range of contemporary films, including independent, student, documentary, children's and clips from feature films. In addition there will be previews of new films to be released.

Our special gust will be Hayward Coleman, the internationally acclaimed black mime.

This film festival is made possible by the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency; The Planning Group Incorporated; and Brockman Gallery Productions.

We have brought together people from many facets of an expanding industry for blacks. Let this gathering be the embryo. If nourished with more opportunities to come together and with more collective though, it will evolve into a unified force, the energy from which can re-shape the often diffused image of black man into a distinctive and well-defined reflection in film - Michele Maddox

There were several problems with getting this festival off the ground... But through it all came a new friend, Fritz-nandez Goode. I would like to take this time to thank him and his family for hours in the night we spent at his home viewing, discussing and deciding which films, who would help, how much time, programing, co-ordinating and editing. We hope you enjoyed this festival and look forward to presenting it again for you next year. - Alonzo Davis

Thanks for Assistance: Larry Clark, Michael Clark, Julie Dash, Glen Dixon, Pamela Douglas, Bob Gilhoussey, Fritz Goode, Harry Howard, Pamela Jones, Jake McKinney, Joe Phillips, Tony Riddle, Donna Sams, Vincent Tubbs

Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company, Jack Pill & Associates/ Tech Camera Rental, The Planning Group Inc. Masai Enterprises, Robert Wise

[Source: 'An Evening of Black Films' Pamphlet, Courtesy of Dale Davis, 1975]


  • Paul Lawrence Dunbar
  • Legend of John Henry
  • This is the Home of Mrs. Levant Graham
  • One
  • Umoja
  • Sounder
  • Satchmo & All That Jazz
  • Little Black Riding Hood
  • Black Genesis
  • Bloods Way
  • Suns Gonna Shine
  • Run a Gate
  • Apres Le Silence
  • Nation of Common Sense
  • Malcom X
  • Karate
  • Day in the Life of an Unknown Star
  • Let the Church Say Amen
  • Teddy
  • Super Fly
  • Choice of Weapons