An Evening of Student Films, Spring '64


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Third Annual "An Evening of Student Films"

Produced by the UCLA Motion Picture Division
Presented by the Committee on Fine Arts Productions and the Department of Theater Arts

As has been said in these program notes before, there is no such thing as a "national film school" in this country, and there is no organized industry scheme for training future film-makers. However, about a dozen universities offer film training to the B.A. or M.A. level. The UCLA program is one of these.

Although teaching methods vary, a film school is only as good as the students and faculty it attracts. UCLA concentrates on developing students through the actual experience of film-making and, since a film is not finished until it is shown to an audience, these annual screenings were organized to provide at least some of the student film-makers with an opportunity for a public viewing of their work.

In one such showing annually there is time for only a election. In the future these showings will have to be more frequent. The selection tonight is from the various workshops conducted in the motion picture division, providing a cross-section of the year's work. Each film is based on on original material - the script is the work of the film's director who is thus, in the true sense, the author of his film. Students are responsible for all the technical work of production. The staff acts in an advisory capacity only. The beginning workshop films are mostly shot in one day with sound added later. The intermediate and advanced workshops have schedules ranging upwards from three days.

This evening's program will be introduced by Professor Richard Hawkins, Head of the film curriculum.

[Source: Program Notes, 1964]