Beyond the Ultimate


Location: Cinema Theatre
1122 N. Western Ave. Los Angeles

Notes: Fix date

Day: Saturday


DOM by Waldermar Boroycyk & Jan Lenica, Awarded Grand Prix, Festival of Experimental Films at Brussels in 1958. Dom means 'house' and so this is the ultimate house non- representational- abstract- psychedelic- cuckold- movie YO-YO by Gary Blackman & Lee Richmond, Full Title: Once there Stood a Boy Looking at a YO-YO. The ultimate bop-talking - bark- reeting- life- movie. SNICKERSNACK by Dave Bennett, The ultimate movies-shown-on-nude-humans-movie. BE-IN by Loren Sears, A free effort in free style of a free event. The ultimate human be-in movie. MAGIC CANVAS by Halas & Batchelor, swirling transformations, unbounded man bird flights to yin yang unity. 66 LAMMAS by Richard Watt, Having to do with contemporary witch cult celebrations and blue and red pill mandalas. MAINSTREAM by Jerry Abrams 'The infinite span of a though is transformed into spatial-temporal intersects... to become and become and become and never more or less... Mainstream is a fresh dip into oblivion... a confused taste of love... an expanded glimpse into a micromoment... A sliver of mind's motion becoming....OFF ON by Scott Bartlett, A Mind- Blower Pure and Simple. CONFESSIONS OF A BLACK MOTHER SUCCUBA by Robert Nelson, Violence, Sex and TV commercials. There is humor, but it is so black and hip and not for timid souls. BOO BOO BE DOOP! NEW REFUSE by Richard Watt, A Bardo anecdote, Man Power merges disconnected electric energy flowing beauty. COSMIC RAY, Twice There is no end, There is always more time...