CalArts/ Vanguard

10/21/1977 - 10/22/1977

Location: Theatre Vanguard
9014 Melrose Avenue , Los Angeles, California 90069

Day: Friday


Mr. Engel, who heads the Animation Department of the School of Film/ Video at Cal Arts, will introduce and discuss the films with the audience. "What has the animation-artist to correspond to color and visual design of the painter, the solid masses of the sculptor, the musical sounds of the composer and the word sounds of the poet? The answer is movement. Everything is permitted in the art of animation: to bring characters to life, but also to materialize states of anxiety, inner presences. It is thus not only permitted, but advisable, to make the properties join in the action, to make objects life, to animate the decor, to make symbols concrete. Animation is marriage between form and music- in space and time -- a new road to film as an art form." -Jules Engel [Source: Theatre Vanguard Program Notes, 1977]