Curt McDowell


Location: Encounter Cinema
Melnitz Auditorium, UCLA

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Curt McDowell lives and works in San Francisco. A close friend of George Kuchar (they both appear with some frequency in each other's films), McDowell is perhaps most widely known for his directorial realization of Kuchar's screenplay for THUNDERCRACK, the brilliant comedy whcih proved that hard-core sex on film can actually be erotic (and extremely funny). That film also marked the film debut of Marion Eaton, a remarkable actress who has become something of a personal "star" for both McDowell and Kuchar. However, although he shares Kuchar's tatse for parody and sature, McDowell is a distinctive artist who continues to explore uncharted areas of erotic lyricism in film. Industrious and prolific, McDowell constantly conceives and photographs new works even when he doesn't have the moeny for final editing or release prints. As an Archetypical "struggling artist," he has shot nearly a dozen short filmd and one ambitious feature, SPARKLE'S TAVERN, in the five years since THUNDERCRACK. At present, only one of these new works, SKINNY TIES, has reached the verge of "final mix" and priting. Proceeds from this special retrospective program will go toward the completion of SPARKLE's TAVERN, SKINNY TIES and Mr. McDowell's other works in progress.
[Source: Encounter Cinema Program Notes, 1980]