Improvisations 1978/Part II


Location: Rear of Aarnun Gallery, 99 East Colorado Blvd, Pasadena

Notes: Finish putting basic info for films into film entries


Filmforum wishes to thank the following musicians for playing sets before both programs in this series: Jeremy Kellock, tenor saxophone; Gene Stone, drums; Putter Smith, bass. John Breckow has written an article on Jeremy Kellock, which appears int eh February 1978 issue of Follies, which you can pick up this evening at Filmforum. And make sure to check out John's program, 'The Big Sleep,' every Saturday morning, 2am to 6am on KPFK (90.7). Without a doubt, this is the swingingest four hours in town; John covers the jazz musical spectrum with anecdotes, special guests, live studio music, blindfold tests, and a little music thrown in for good measure.[Source: Pasadena Filmforum Program Notes, 1978]