In Person: George Griffin


Location: Rear of Aarnun Gallery, 99 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena

Day: Monday

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Currently living in New York, George Griffin has taught at the NYU Institute of Film and TV and at Harvard University. He has had one-man shows of his work at the Mseum of Modern Art in New York and Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley.The recent recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, Griffin has described his work: 'I came to film from a self-taught background in drawing, still photography, and poster design. A one-year apprenticeship in a New York cartoon studio and subsequent freelance work served as an introduction to character animation. I am attempting to reconcile this experience in a popular art form with the medium's potential for experimentation and self-expression. My work has moved from cartoons with obliquely narrative structures to anti-cartoons; films that explores the illusionistic process of animation. I have found that enlarging the camera-eye angle to include the context of creation (such s showing the animator at work with his drawings) transforms and expands the mystery of film-work.' [Source: Original Program Notes]