Independent Cinema: A Program of Recent Works by Northern California Filmmakers


Location: Theatre Vanguard
9014 Melrose Avenue , Los Angeles, California 90069


Mr. Vigil will discuss the films and filmmakers with the audience. This program is being presented as part of a month-long Performing Arts Festival, in celebration of Theatre Vanguard's fifth anniversary. Performing artists and filmmakers have contributed their works for presentation during this festival as part of a major fund-raising effort currently underway. [Source: Theatre Vanguard Program Notes, 1977]



  • Trildogy: Up and Atom, Staid Poot, Rom Amok (Dog Party)
  • Perisphere
  • New York- Miami Beach
  • La-Dee-Da
  • Sleepwalk
  • Two Films I Never Made
  • Getting There
  • Porter Springs
  • The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar
  • Zoological Abstracts