Jack Goldstein presents a program of films and phonograph records


Location: Founders Hall, USC

Notes: Records: The Lost Ocean Liner, color: black, 45RPM, 1976 The Burning Forest, color: pink and white (marble), 45RPM 1976 The Dying wind, color: clear, 45RPM, 1976 A German Shepard, color: red, 45 RPM, 1976 A Faster Run, color: orange, 45 RPM, 1976 Thr

Day: Sunday


'New men are needed - men who have acquired a new sensitiveness toward the object and its image. An object for instance if projected for 20 seconds is given its full value - projected 30 seconds it becomes negative' - fernand leger 'A New Realism - The Object'. Films and Phonograph records by Jack Goldstein
[Source: Los Angeles Independent Film Oasis Program Notes, 1977]