Journey to the Center of the Midnight Cornucopia


Location: Cinema Theatre
1122 N. Western Ave. Los Angeles

Notes: Shoppers Market (John Vicario), Happy Birthday Lenny (Lenny Lipton), Sacco Matto (Bruno Munari), Model-Toddle (Bob Cowan), Interview with Bruce Gordan (Harold Becker), Fowl is Fare (Peter Weiner), Academy Luncheon (Bob Cowan), Letter to D.H. in Paris

Page Contents



  • Shopper's Market
  • Happy Birthday Lenny
  • Sacco Matto
  • Interview with Bruce Gordan
  • Fowl is Fare
  • Academy Luncheon
  • Letter to D.H. in Paris
  • Finger-Water-Light
  • Concerto Erotica
  • Piece Mandala/End War