L.A. Optical: Featuring the work of Robert Blalack, Chris Casady, Larry Cuba, Jeff Carpenter, Mary Lambert


Location: Encounter Cinema
Melnitz Auditorium, UCLA

Day: Tuesday

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The purpose of this program is to demonstrate the broad range of both personal and commercial work being done by a number of Southern California filmmakers, especially work involving the use of optical printer and computer graphics systems. What is referred to as "independent filmmaking" is frequently thought to be practically and ideologically at odds with what is termed "commercial" filmmaking. The filmmakers represented here (as well as several other noteworthy local film artists who, for lack of time, are not included) have managed to combine both these fields of creative endeavor in individual and distinctive waves. They each function as a bridge between important points of view which were widely believed irreconcilable but a few years ago. [Source: Encounter Cinema, 1980]