Midnight Mortality for the Beautiful Losers


Location: Cinema Theatre
1122 North Western Ave.

Notes: Fix date

Day: Saturday


GHOSTS BEFORE BREAKFAST by Hans Richter, Follow the flying derby hates through the windows of your mind. THE HOUSE I LIVE IN, Frank Sinatra tells the kids on the block not to discriminate. ENTR'ACTE by Rene Clair, The hilarious human race towards death FOREIGN PRESS AWARD, Ronald Reagan introduces Jayne Mansfield who gives an award to Mickey Rooney who just takes in the view. LOT IN SODOM by Dr. J.S. Watson 'A scintillating study of sensual pleasures and corruption' -Lewis Jacobs, A lush view of unholy homosexual society. THE GREAT MCGONIGLE by W.C. Fields, How many of you knew that Fields was America's leading juggler? THE SEX LIFE OF A POLYP by Robert Benchley, An embarrassing film for the narrow-minded A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE by Arthur Lipsett, A film devoted to the idea that we can better understand out parents by observing their early insanities.THE APPLEKNOCKERS AND THE COKE, Marilyn Monroe while she was still Norma Jean Baker made this extraordinary nudie-cutie film. It becomes obvious that even then, she was destined for immorality. [Source: Underground Cinema 12 Program Notes, 1968]