Movies for the Aggressive Man and his Woman!


Location: Cinema Theatre
1122 N. Western Ave. Los Angeles

Notes: Is (Ira Schneider), Bridges-Go-Round, Chairy Tale (Norman McLaren), Pestilent City (Peter Goldman), Responsive Eye (Brian di Palma), Melting (Thom Andersen), Boue (Brian Kellman), First Time Here (Richard Myers)

Day: Saturday


(It's time you showed her where it's at) WORMWOOD STAR by Curtis Harington (in color), Cameron, Artist-alchemist whose work leads to the transmutation of immortality. And what it does for her you never quite understand. IS by Ira Schneider (in color), Hang on as you ride the ice cream cone of every day events which are what is. BRIDGES-GO-ROUND by Shirley Clarke, Swirling testament to man's bedazzlement with his constructive potential. CHAIRY TALE by Norman McLaren (Music by Ravi Shankar) A profound confrontation between man and chair. PESTILENT CITY by Peter Goldman, Who are these strange creatures? Where do they all come from? [Source, Movies Round Midnight Program Notes, 1967]