Rene Clair Series

9/21/1973 - 10/13/1971

Location: Bing Theater

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Commencing at 8 this evening the County Museum of Art will present in its Bing Theater a month-long Friday and Saturday-evening series of Rene Clair films.Famed for the wit, style and delicacy of his comedies, which have often had strong elements of fantasy, Clair is especially celebrated for grasping the possibilities of sound with the advent of talkies. [Source: Kevin Thomas 'Rene Clair Series Begins' Los Angeles Times, 1973]


  • Le Million
  • The Flame of New Orleans
  • A Nous La Liberte
  • I Married A Witch
  • The Italian Straw-Hat
  • Paris Qui Dort
  • Beneath the Roofs of Paris