The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari


Location: 34 S. Raymond, Pasadena

Notes: Upload Program Notes

Time: Wednesday

Day: 20:30:00


Outdoor screening of Robert Weine's The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari with live improvised musical accompaniment by O TELA, plus Erno Metzner's Uberfallmusicians. In attendance: Tom Recchion and Rick Potts (of the Los Angeles Free Music Society), John Duncan, and Holger Hiller (on a SoCal visit from W. Germany), and Keith Ullrich (on a very temperamental mini-Moog synthesizer, occasionally running prerecorded tapes thru the effects filters). Steve Escandon's pen/ink and Zipatone illustration is borrowed from one of the original poster designs for the film. The source for the image was from Lotte H. Eisner's book on German Expressionist film, The Haunted Screen.Possibly first improvised live soundtrack screenings. A recording of the soundtrack may exist somewhere.