The Films of Louis Hock


Location: Pasadena Community Arts Center, Los Robles and Green, Pasadena


Louis Hock was born in LA in 1948, was formed in Arizona, educated in Chicago, and is now living in Tuscon and is unemployed. His works have been described as 'chronicle' and as 'chronographic' films. 'The chronicle aspect of motion picutres ha involved my working curiosity since my early film,' Hock has commented. 'The first Studies in Chronovision' were begun with no thought of compilation, just taking, After six years I had accumulated several large paper bags of these studies. I was forced not only to see them as a complete film body, but to recognize the potential of temporaral-based composition as a personally valid form in my film work. Thus began Light Traps and Still Lives, the first part of a trilogy/triptych, further work in that direction.'[Source: Program Notes 6/11/76]