The Films of Mireille Dansereau and Vartes Cholakian


Location: Theatre Vanguard
9014 Melrose Avenue , Los Angeles, California 90069


Mireielle Dansereau was born in Montreal. Upon graduation from the University of Montreal she directed her first short film, MON NE JOUR. In response to this film the government of Province of Quebec sent her to London to study at the Film School of the Royal College of Art. While there she completed the fillm, THE COMPROMISE. Upon her return to Canada she embarked upon production of DREAM LIFE, which was cited at the 1973 San Francisco Film Festival for its 'special contribution to cinematographic art.'Vartkes Cholakian was born in Aleppo, Syria, of Armenian parents. He came to the United States in 1961, residing first in Boston, then New York and Los Angeles. He returned to Boston to study painting and graphics at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, where he completed MACHINA. Moving to Montreal in 1968, Mr. Cholakian encountered Ms Dansereau; they were married in 1973. Both filmmakers are currently working on individual projects for Canada's National Film Board. [Source: Theatre Vanguard Program Notes, 1975]