1968 - 1968

Dir. Al Razutis, 16mm Color Sound 00:17:00

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A student film by Al Razutis, University of California at Davis. A New American Cinema psychedelic odyssey, through space-time consciousness and the war institution of man, that combines abstract elements with the representational to effect a visual climax. Originally conceived as a two-screen, two-projector film, this current version combines the two-screen imagery through superimposition techniques so that the film can be shown on a single projector. As a result, the film achieves a wide variety of experimental visual effects, some created directly in the camera, some created through the editing process of predetermined overlays of image, and some created as the result of deliberately superimposing the two screen images onto the same final pieces of celluloid. The finished result abounds in flicker effects, subliminal messages, and other psychedelic images, as well as a dynamic bombardment of audio-visual protest against war and the conformist mores to which the modern generation is subjects, and their attempt to escape through hallucinogens and sex. The film-artist, a university honors student on a scholarship, was sufficiently disillusioned by the U.S. policy in Vietnam, that like many other brilliant young students, he left his country for Canada, and is continuing his career there. 'I have been torn between the violent (anti) reaction and the pop art) aspect of war and the beauty of life. This film is a temporal resolution of this dichotomy.' - Al Razutis.
[Source: Creative Film Society Catalog, 1975]