1966 - 1967

Dir. Pat O'Neill, 16mm Color Sound 00:11:00

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The most highly acclaimed psychedelic abstract film since LAPIS. A combination of innumerable optical techniques, this film hints at the schizophrenic conditions of our 20th Century mechanical-conformist society, using, in part, Rorschach tests in motion and schizoid distortions of the nude female form. 'Named after the high speed emulsion on which it was made, 7362 is a brilliant, visceral barrage of high contrast positive-negative images; a stream Rorschach-like silhouettes, suggesting the movements of both body and machine.' - MEDIA & METHODS. 'This is film as art in pure presentational form. Patrick O'Neill has utilized color, sound, and images in a symphonic mode, attacking the consciousness with unusual power. 7362 does not say anything, but simply is, in the way that a kaleidoscope IS the shapes, images and colors presented to the eye. Groups who want to break away from seeing cinema as stories with morals will find this a stirring introduction to the real possibilities of the form.' - CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE.
[Source: Creative Film Society Catalog, 1975]

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Music by Joseph Byrd and Michael Moore