A Laser Images Demonstration


Dir. , 16mm Color Sound 00:10:00

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A LASER IMAGES DEMONSTRATION by Ivan Dryer of Laser Images, Inc. A new science was born little more than a decade ago with the invention of the laser beam. This new science has already given birth to new art forms, among them, laser images... surreal patterns and organic forms apparently suspended in blank space, frozen still or wheeling slowly like galaxies, flashing like meteors or coiled bursts of fire in hues of blue, gold, and molten red. Using Argon, Krypton, and Helium-Neon gas lasers, Laser Images, Inc. has for some time been perfecting devices for altering laser light to produce different kinds of exciting images. This motion picture employs music (electronic, classical, and rock) in combination with the rhythms of the kaleidoscopic laser forms, to showcase the diversity and interest of laser images. The result is a fascinating contemporary abstract film experience, similar in imagery to the recent work of Jordan Belson, as opposed to a documentary or informational film. No narration is employed to exemplify the beauty of the laser images; they speak for themselves in purely visual terms, accompanied merely by an appropriate music score.

[Source: Creative Film Society Catalogue, 1975]