A Little Fable


Dir. , 16mm Color Sound 00:05:30

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A UCLA Animation Workshop film by Bob Pike. An award winning stylized cartoon film dealing with racial prejudice.

"Happy Chollie, a little orange blob, has always wanted to be painted blue. One day he gets his wish, and with mother's permission he is sprayed blue. As he happily rolls around the town, he meets another boy who is blue. Chollie invites him to supper. Before they eat, they are told by Chollie's mother to wash off the blue paint. When she sees that Cholli's friend is really green and not orange, she tells the boy to go home. Chollie is left puzzled, and wonders why his mother never smiles. A Little Fable is recommended for instruction and discussion with primaries through adults on themes such as human behavior and prejudice" (Media for Christian Formation).

This film was selected for a special program of student films to tour mid-East countries by the U.S. Information Agency.

[Source: Creative Film Society Catalogue, 1975]