A Painter's Journal


Dir. Renate Druks, 16mm Color Sound 00:10:00

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A subjective documentary in a semi-surrealistic style of a painter's approach to her art. While slightly crude technically as a first film, it evokes a mood reminiscent of Kenneth Anger's INAUGURATION OF THE PLEASURE DOME, in which both Renata [sic] Druks and Anais Nin co-starred.' She is an artist, bold, vivid, honest. As a filmmaker, her work achieves the dynamic impulse, the physical incarnation of her vision. Renata [sic] Druks demonstrates a most unusual harmony of painter, filmmaker, of life and art, of personality and medium which we seek in this age of related arts and life.' - ANAIS NIN. ''As the moon reflects the sun, so the painter reflects the world.' These words spoken by Renata [sic] Druks suggest the lunar nature of this reflection as it applies to her work. Her film poetically examines the transmutation of reality into the painter's vision. The illusive nature of creative inspiration is fascinatingly capture for us to see.' CURTIS HARRINGTON

[Source: Creative Film Society Catalog, 1975]

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Performer: Anais Nin