1936 - 1943

Dir. Oskar Fischinger, 35mm or 16mm Color Sound 00:03:00

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"Visually, ALLEGRETTO is very rich indeed. Fischinger's fascination with the new (to him) technique of cell animation led him to experiment with multi-layered see-through constructions which are more diverse and complex on the surface than those in most of his other films. At the same moment, one sees a background pattern of two overlapping concentric radiating circles, comet-like figures, sparkling and stretching diamonds, a row of teeth-like triangles gliding down one side of the frame like a liberated soundtrack, and other sensuous or mechanized motifs, each moving independently. The colors are California colors - the pinks and turquoise and browns of desert sky and sand, the orange of poppies, and the green of avocados. The figures work themselves up into a brilliant and vigorous conclusion, bursting with skyscrapers and kaleidoscopes of stars/diamonds, and every facet of the chic Hollywood design of the thirties. It is a celebration, plain and simple, of the American lifestyle, seen fresh and clean through the exuberant eyes of an immigrant." - Dr. William Moritz, Film Culture

[Source: Canyon Cinema Catalogue]