And on the Sixth Day


Dir. Christina Hornisher, 16mm B/W Sound 00:06:00

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Three basic socio-religious problems affecting our society are powerfully depicted in this film through a quasi-documentary technique, with no solution offered by the filmmaker, merely the stimulus for audience discussion. In the first cinematic vignette, the subjective camera eye races down a business street while a voice yells, ’Help me! Won’t somebody please help me!’ Passersby merely stop and stare at the racing camera, but make no move to assist. In the second vignette, a pregnant woman weeps quietly in her shabby living room while her priest attempts to convince her that conception is blessed and abortion is evil. In the third vignette, the faces of passive black children and adults are recorded by a subjective camera eye while a voice loudly blares every conceivable prejudiced anti-black blasphemy.

[Source: Creative Film Society catalog, 1975]