Another Shot


Dir. , 16mm B/W Sound 00:05:00

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"The editing of ANOTHER SHOT is really quite, quite good, I think...Nick Dorsky make the most extensive and interesting comments I have heard about ANOTHER SHOT. He was interested by the transposition of subject and viewer, i.e. film begins with viewer observing your (the filmmaker's) face, later your face appears to be observing the walking figure (Pierre), and at the end the figure has become the viewer or imaginer who walks off into the film image. Interestingly, he thought that I was Pierre and that this was my film. When I explained, he agreed that your film fits both in feeling and technique with my work--however, the autobiographical aspect seems to me very vivid and distinct."--Tom Chomont. "A self-portrait."--D.S.
[Source: Filmmaker's Cooperative Catalogue]