Asco performance documentation

1972 - 1974

Dir. Harry Gamboa Jr., ASCO, Super8 Color Silent 00:10:00

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Playing on the tradition of Mexican-American artists creating wall murals to enshrine folk heroes, Asco, created murals and tagged walls throughout Los Angeles with provocative phrases such as "Pinchi Placa Coma Caca — Gringo Laws = Dead Chicanos" and "Viet/Barrio." In the work "Walking Mural," 1972, members of the collective walked down the street on East LA in costume, dressed as a "mural so disenchanted with its environment, it breaks free" according to the caption. To protest the lack of Chicano representation at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, "Spray Paint LACMA (or Project Pie in De/Face" (1972), Gamboa, Gronk and Herron spray painted their names on the outside of the museum. The museum quickly painted over it, but there's poetic justice in the fact that nearly 40 years later the same museum co-organized the first retrospective of the work of the group.

[Source: Asco: Your Art Disgusts Me, South London Gallery]

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Gronk, Diane Gamboa, Willie Herr—n