Dir. John Whitney, 16mm Color Sound 00:07:00

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Originally conceived as a cinematic catalog of effects, Whitney was capable of achieving on his analog computer equipment, for the purpose of obtaining commercial assignments and foundation grants, this film has become accepted as well as a leading example of abstract computer film-art, and for this reason has finally been put into general distribution by the filmartist.

'The full range of his analog work is demonstrated in CATALOG, a collection of brilliantly colored ever-changing line, dot, and letter patterns that spiral, expand and contract with a remarkably 'natural', though, to the lay eye at least, unpredictable movement. As a catalog, the film has no unifying structure, a part of its purpose being to record a number of techniques, yet the 'completeness' of the computer's action gives the film a visual authority that makes it compelling viewing.' - David Curtis, 'Experimental Cinema'.

[Source Creative Film Society Catalog, 1975]

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Music: Ornette Coleman