Ciao Bella


Dir. Betzy Bromberg, 16mm Color Sound 00:13:00

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'A personal film about love and mortality.' -- B.B.

'CIAO BELLA is a summer-in-the-city travelogue that mixes verite of Lower East Side bikers, Times Square topless dancers, and Coney Island crowds to achieve a highly charged atmosphere of manic exhibitionism and sexual raunch.' -- J. Hoberman, Art Forum

'In CIAO BELLA (1978), Bromberg shows us a world of crowded New York streets and hauntingly empty interior spaces, graced briefly by wisps of childish energy and the provocation of nearly naked women. She deftly contrasts such vibrant exuberance with a sense of devastating loss, and the effect is at once brazenly personal (if elliptical) and incredibly powerful. Unfolding desire merges with the ever-present reality of the threat of losing what you loveā€¦. In CIAO BELLA, one of the final shots is of a jubilant topless dancer caught in a reddish flare and sprocket holes; the picture merges the woman's vivacious energy with film as a medium, and this is a perfect emblem for Bromberg's work. She somehow lets her filmmaking and ideas become embodied in the film itself; they are folded together in a remarkable synergy that could almost be construed as some sort of philosophical system for being in the world.' -- Holly Willis, IFilm

[Source: LUX]