Dir. Dan McLaughlin, 16mm Color Sound 00:04:00

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A subtle but biting comment on the generation gap by the producer of GOD IS DOG SPELLED BACKWARDS. In this award winning film, McLaughlin, who is the faculty Film Animation instructor at UCLA and Art Center College of Design, produced a slick, polished cartoon film comparable in production values and artistry to the top Hollywood standards.

It deals with a father and mother and son who have a communication problem. The parents repeatedly inform the son that he is in their way, while he silently works on an ever-increasingly complex gadget he's tinkering with. When he can no longer stand their repetitious criticism, he merely presses his gadget and vaporizes them.

'This intriguing little cartoon captures the inexpressible frustration of misunderstood children and the absurdity of parents who demand that children perform and conform. Caught up in their own stereotyped world, they couldn't see into their son and realize he was being himself, CLAUDE is highly recommended for introduction to parent-teacher meetings or use in any discussion related to child behavior with any age.' -- Media for Christian Formation.

[Source: Creative Film Society Catalogue, 1975]