Color Fragments


Dir. , 16mm Color Silent 00:11:15

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Elwood was excited over the results and reception of his own black and white film, LIGHT MODULATORS. His excitement was overflowing as he moved on and into his next project using Color Film. He worked hard, using the new techniques he had developed. The new film, COLOR FRAGMENTS, began with letters floating around and arranging themselves to form words. A wood sculpture was made to appear as though it was floating in space. This was followed by a series of metal sculptures and spinning metal crystals, and then abstract forms made of wire and thread. Some of the contributing artists named in the credits were: Elwood, Pamela Boden, David Matlack, Fred and Roderick Usher, Irving Stollman, and Dunite Gavin Arthur's half-brother, Oliver Andrews.

[Source: Norm Hammond, Elwood Decker Website]