Comedy in Six Unnatural Acts


Dir. , B/W Sound 00:26:00

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COMEDY IN SIX UNNATURAL ACTS continues where HOME MOVIE ends both in analysis and in visual experimentation. It is divided into six separate sections: 'Wallflower,' 'Role-Playing,' 'Seduction,' 'Non-Monogamy,' 'Child Molester,' and 'Stompin' Dyke.' Each section critiques pervading myths about lesbian culture. The film works by playing in a comic way on our expectations. It presents icons and behaviors we are accustomed to seeing, seducing us into feeling comfortable about predicting each section's outcome. But then each section ends with a totally different explanation than the traditional one.

[Source: Michelle Citron 'The films of Jan Oxenberg Comic Critique,' Jump Cut no. 24-25, March 1981]