Composition in Blue


Dir. Oskar Fischinger, 16mm Color Sound 00:04:00

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Produced in Germany in 1933, this is one of the first abstract color films ever made. A vivid flow of two and three dimensional geometric shapes moving in perfect synchronization to the accompanying music score, this film remains undated by time as one of the classic examples of traditional abstract expression of film art...or as Fischinger terms it: 'the absolute film'.

Surfaces dominate in the abstract animated film COMPOSITION IN BLUE / LIGHT CONCERT NO. 1. Colorful geometric figures are set in rhythmic motion. The music from Nicolai’s 'The Merry Women of Windsor' is impressively visualized through a blending of form and color. Fischinger created wooden cubes and cylinders as three-dimensional animated models, approximately as tall as a cigarette, some of them painted and others covered with fabric.

At first the set seems to reveal a room. But then the floor begins to reflect the geometric figures. Cubes perfectly-aligned in a row, forming a flat mosaic-like surface, tumble apart to form a stairway. In this perpetually changing universe, a cylinder pounds at the floor and sets off a series of waves, and a decorative, flat circle flies into the empty space. The beauty of the colored, geometric forms—a yellow rectangle descends gracefully into the frame—escalates to the frenzied magic of the impossible.

[Source: Creative Film Society Catalog, 1975]
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