Cue Rolls


Dir. Morgan Fisher, 16mm Color Sound 00:11:00

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Morgan Fisher (b. Washington, D.C., 1942; lives and works in Los Angeles) came to prominence in the early 1970s as an experimental filmmaker in the context of structuralist film, where the primary focus was not on the content to be represented but on an analysis of the medium itself. From the mid-1990s, based on a post-conceptual position, he turned to monochrome painting and installations of monochrome paintings.

Entirely foregoing the illusionism of narrative, Fisher reveals the conditions that underlie our perception, reflecting the production and constitution of the filmic image, as well as the relationship between film and time/space. The Frame and Beyond is accompanied by a selection of four films that have already been shown at international film festivals: PRODUCTION STILLS (1970), PICTURE AND SOUND RUSHES (1973), CUE ROLLS (1974), and the critically acclaimed STANDARD GUAGE (1984).

CUE ROLLS is a film that openly courts skepticism by committing itself to suspect premises: mechanicalness, impersonality, disproportion, misdirection, verbosity, redundancy, obscurity, and monotony. Nonethless the film demonstrates how necessary these choices really are.

[Souce: e-flux]
[Source: Morgan Fisher]