Destiny Edit

1972 - 1975

Dir. Michael Scroggins, Video Color Sound 00:07:30

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LOSE YR JOBS consists of a fragment from an off the air recording an interview with President Richard Nixon that is looped by a very physical rewinding, forwarding , and rewinding via the control knob of a ½ inch video tape player. The process of performing the looping results in an out of context statement that emphasizes the textural quality of the raw videotape medium while developing an aleatoric cadence. In the second part, CORRIGAN/LUND, President Nixon's re-contextualized statement is forced into a connection with statements by the resigning CalArts President Robert Corrigan and incoming interim president, William Lund. The Portapak medium again reveals the passage of a set of events that would be unlikely to have been recorded with earlier methods for acquiring sound and moving image. The intuitive wandering of the videographers gaze reveals a situation that serves to precipitate a disrupting moment in the ritual passing of the reins of institutional power. The key tripping point of the actors reference to DESTINY'S WHEEL is underscored in the third part, SANGSARA in which an image generated in a particularly numinous real-time videographic performance serves as an iconic representation alluding to the ongoing cyclic flow of the wheel of becoming --as it might be experienced during closed eye vision.

[Source: Alternative Projections]