Dream of the Sphinx


Dir. , 16mm Color Silent

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James Gore's animation had a significant influence on several of the early 1970s Cal Arts animation students, particularly Adam Beckett. Gore's only extant solo film, DREAM OF THE SPHINX is highly representative of his fluid, expressive line work and characteristic traversals through space.

[Source: Mark Toscano]

James Gore, a quiet eccentric, developed a style of straight-on animation -- a form of surrealism with no pre-planning. Gore simply drew each image as a follow-up to the previous one, letting transformations occur at whim. The results in his first film DREAM OF THE SPHINX are impressive for their vitality and imagination. The film was chosen for competition at the 1971 Annecy Festival, and although it did not receive a prize, it caused quite a controversy with the sphinx-like Gore looking on with bemusement.

[Source: William Moritz, The iotaCenter]