Film Exercise Number One


Dir. Baylis Glascock, 16mm Color Sound 00:05:00

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“Baylis Glascock’s 1962 film of the Watts Towers is truly remarkable for a number of reasons. Influenced perhaps more by musical structure than filmic precedent, the film works in up to four superimposed layers of different colored imagery of the Towers, interweaving color and form in a dense, poetic structure that is by turns harmonious and unexpectedly dissonant. Calling it merely psychedelic would be inaccurate, but the film does seem to pre-date any visual articulation in that vein by at least a few years. With its hypnotic, ringing soundtrack, its sophisticated formalism, and brilliant play between figuration and abstraction, the film should easily find its place as a significant rediscovery of the Los Angeles avant-garde.” (Mark Toscano)