Films Found in a Box


Dir. Terry Cannon,

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"FILMS FOUND IN A BOX was just a very simple thing. I found an enormous box of films at a yard sale one day and I bought them for next to nothing and I went through and there was lots of interesting stuff. They were old sound test films and color test films and parts of strange music test--It's all kinds of odd ball stuff that some guy had collected. I guess, he was involved with the film industry who was throwing all his stuff out. And I recut the stuff together and made a film that was a kind of amusing and interesting, a 90-minute film. And we showed it at Filmforum once or twice, and it got quite a reaction. Then I went up and showed it at the Cinematheque and a couple of galleries. "

[Source: Terry Cannon Oral History, Los Angeles Filmforum, November 15, 2009]