Gertrude Stein Film


Dir. William Moritz, Color Sound 00:10:00

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I became interested in her techniques, especially the incremental repetitions. This led me to speculate on what kind of a film she would have made had she been raised when visual fluency was as well developed as verbal fluency.

[Source: L.A. Filmmaker's Catalogue, 1989]

There are two reels of film, the sound print is primary and should be shown alone or on the centre screen. The silent print should be show on the wall or screen area to the left of the main image. Synchronization is not important, though the secondary left image should begin a bit earlier.
Rose incense should be burning during projection.

"A film Gertrude Stein would make if she were alive today. A film about Time and Ritual, a film of contrasts and repetitions, a film about the making of Americans." -- W.M.

[Source: LUX]