God is Dog Spelled Backwards

1963 - 1963

Dir. Dan McLaughlin, 16mm Color Sound 00:03:30

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According to the filmmaker, if you combine the world's greatest art with the world's greatest music, you should produce the world's greatest film... and this is it. A tongue-in-cheek subliminal survey of art through the ages, musically accompanied by an excerpt from Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. Winner of innumerable film festival awards, and a pioneer example of the 'kinestasis' type of film-making.

This creative film could stimulate discussion about the man-God relationship, and man's refelctions in art. -- Media for Christian Formation.

GOD IS DOG SPELLED BACKWARDS is a genuinely funny history of world art that covers its subject in three minutes, and demands instantaneous perception on the part of the viewer. -- Media & Methods.

The young experience the film, not as confusing, but as exuberantly and audaciously alive. They feel the joy of recognition, exhilaration at the intense concentration necessary (one blink encompasses a century of art), and awe at the one hundred and eighty second review of every aspect of the human condition. Intended as a put-on, the film becomes a three minute commercial for man. -- Saturday Review.

[Source: Creative Film Society Catalogue, 1975]