Hit and Run


Dir. Ericka Beckman, super 8 Color Sound 00:12:00

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"Sound and image substitute for one another as carriers of the film’s continuity. I am the performer: I either command the action or I am acted upon. The soundtrack generates my actions, which either moves forward or repeats itself, and I search for the consciousness of regularity with the aid of rhythm.
"The film explores the phenomenon of when two things are perceived at the same time – as when two images combine in a double exposure. There is an ambiguity in their hierarchy. They might be perceived apart, joined together, one after the other, or one dominates the other out completely. This ‘relationship’ is what I am intuitively exploring. Film sees the unconscious neither as rational, or irrational. Film is a system of relations."
E.B. 1977
[Source: Ericka Beckman website]