Hito-Hata: Raise the Banner


Dir. , Robert Nakamura , Dan Kuramoto, 16mm Color Sound 01:30:00

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A landmark project, HITO-HATA is the first full-length film made by and about Asian Pacific Americans. Capturing the contributions and hardships of Japanese Americans since the turn-of-the-century, the film centers on Oda, played by veteran actor/director Mako, a feisty Issei (first generation Japanese American) and one of the elderly single laborers living in Los Angeles' Little Tokyo. With the use of flashbacks, the story traces Oda's life as a laborer on the transcontinental railroad, to his struggle to save the home of Little Tokyo's residents when the community is threatened with redevelopment.An epic Japanese American drama, HITO-HATA features otehr esteemed performers such as Pat Morita and the late Yuki Shimoda. The films draws on the talents and support of Asian American filmmakers, writers, theater professionals--and literally hundreds from the Asian Pacific American community who served as extras and provided locations, props, moral, and financial support. The production represents the full measure of Visual Cuommunications' pioneering work.

Awards: Gold Award, Houston International FestivalSecond Place, Cultures in Focus

[Source: Visual Communications Distribution Catalog]