Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome

1954 - 1966

Dir. Kenneth Anger, 16mm Color Sound 00:38:00

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Lord Shiva, the magician, awakes. A convocation of theurgists in the guise of figures from mythology bearing gifts: the Scarlet Woman, whore of heaven, smokes a big fat joint; Astarte of the Moon brings the wings of snow; Pan bestows the grapes of Bacchus; Hecate offers the sacred mushroom, yagé, wormwood brew. The vintage of Hecate is poured. Pan's cup is poisoned by Lord Shiva. The orgy ensues, a magick masquerade at which Pan is the prize. Lady Kali blesses the rites of the children of light as Lord Shiva invokes the godhead with the formula 'Force and fire'

[Source: UCLA Film & Television Archive]

Other Credits

Anais Nin, Renata Druks act