Incident in a Glass Blower's Shop


Dir. , 16mm Color Sound 00:13:00

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A UCLA student film by Byron Bauer. A contemporary example of the fictional psychodrama, in this instance dealing with the Jekyll/Hyde complex. Beautifully photographed winner of innumerable film festival awards; selected by the U.S. Information Agency for a special program of student film utilized for a tour of the mid-East countries.

Like a carefully crafted short story, this psychological tale of the terrifying, unsettled personality of a superficially calm man evokes an atmosphere of loneliness and suspense by means of fine acting, definitive editing, and outstanding lighting effects. There is a fascination about the soundless man who gazes at his glasswork while various hues of light play over his impassive face and by the violence of his destruction, made all the more terrifying by the squealing and scurrying of rats. This student film is remarkably well produced and will be an excellent addition to entertainment and film study programs and will provide an interesting basis for discussion when presented in public library film programs. -- American Library Association, 'The Booklist.'

[Source: Creative Film Society Catalog, 1975]