1983 - 1983

Dir. Harry Gamboa, Jr., 3/4 color yes 00:24:17

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INSULTAN was shot, edited, and cablecast in November 1983. It was my second attempt to create a video work that portrayed an individual's failure to confront and overcome an absurdly cruel society. Daniel Villarreal portrayed INSULTAN as a rude man who wakes up to experience the worst and last day of his life.

INSULTAN doesn't give a damn about truth and justice, he only wants to be left alone to eat his breakfast, read the newspaper, and take a leisurely stroll across the ugly urban/suburban-scape of the L.A. basin. However, he must share the environment with other and he hates the intrusion of people within his view. His negative attitude is compounded by the various characters he encounters who choose to fight with him or try to drag them down to their own level of misery. After receiving a well-deserved black eye, he purchases a beer and walks home late at night.

[Source: 'Urban Exile: Collected Writings of Harry Gamboa Jr.,' page 91]