1941 - 1946

Dir. Sara Kathryn Arledge, 16mm Color Sound 00:08:00

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Among all of these amazing works, however, two really stood out. Sara Kathryn Arledge’s INTROSPECTION from 1947, is a striking, abstract use of dance or rather dancer’s bodies. Arledge shot the dancers wearing black, corset-like costumes that effectively segmented their figures so that the resulting images depict an isolated pair of legs walking or a pair of arms gesturing. She then used color gels and multiple exposures to create mysterious flower-like compositions or other eerie effects in which body parts function both as abstract, moving shapes and as surreal, almost doll-like appendages. The work certainly reflects the influence of Martha Graham and seems to anticipate the psychedelic filmic techniques of the 1960s and '70s.

[Source: Sharon Mizota, PST, A to Z: 'Alternative Projections' at L.A. Filmforum, LA Times 2011]