Joe, Joe's Woman, and Joe's Transsexual Brother


Dir. , Video B/W Sound 00:25:00

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That first tape, JOE, JOE'S WOMAN, AND JOE'S TRANSSEXUAL BROTHER (1976), is a largely improvised, stream-of-consciousness tale of deviant sexuality, rape, violent death, mutilation and vengeful murder, acted out with G.I. Joe and Barbie dolls. While putting his limited array of toy props through their paces and narrating the extemporaneous, sensationalistic plotline, Oursler serves up his ironic formula for good T.V. entertainment: Sex, violence, and “plenty of action” among two-dimensional stereotyped characters “you can really look up to."

[Source: "THE VIDEOTAPES OF TONY OURSLER" by John Minkowsky]