Let's Make a Sandwich


Dir. Pat O'Neill, 16mm Color Silent 00:20:00

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Originally presented as a continuous-loop installation. The film is a series of broken fields of movement made by the random interactions of some forty or so movie fragments in superimposition. All are permutations of the same original materials. Interspersed among these are fragments of the "original" films seen unaltered. The film is both complex and monotonous, finely detailed and yet resistant to interpretation. A state of relaxation, even boredom, may allow the experience of images which are more imaginary than actual. These are by necessity very short-lived, and seem to be the product of individual pattern-recognition habits.

These pieces are entirely about the experience of watching the screen.

They are not very long, but they are dense.

It would be a mistake to say that you have to pay very close attention, lest you miss something.

[Source: Canyon Cinema catalog, 2000]