Dir. John Whitney, 16mm Color Sound 00:06:00

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The latest computer abstract film produced by this world-acclaimed filmartist. It consists of horizontal and vertical lines, squares and cubes moving sedately to piano sonata segments by Padre Antonio Soler. All motion is along a closed invisible matrix, which is a classical Lissajous figure positioned symmetrically within the motion picture field. While the design concepts in this film are still reminiscent of his earliest FIVE FILM EXERCISES (as is the case with almost all of his films), MATRIX comes off as the most 'finished' and completely successful example of his work to date; and unlike his earlier computer abstract films in which individual images are more important than the total structure, MATRIX has an overall cohesive unity, perhaps because of the successful wedding of music to picture. The result is a film similar in style and charm to the recent abstract films of Norman McLaren and Rene Jodoin: LINES HORIZONTAL & VERTICAL, MOSAIC, DANCE SQUARED, and NOTES ON A TRIANGLE.

[Source: Creative Film Society Catalogue, 1975]

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Antonio Soler sonatas arranged and performed on piano by Delores Stevens